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Mafia, NOT the Italian version, is the name of the largest Island but the name originally derives from the Arabic morfiyeh, meaning “group” or “archipelago”, or from the Swahili mahali pa afya, meaning “a healthy dwelling-place”.

Located off the South East corner of Mafia Island lies the green jewel in the archipelagos crown. Chole island. A lush tropical Island measuring just 1sq Kilometer with only a population of just over a thousand is the perfect Island Get away.

After your long International flight and internal connecting flight, the short journey from the airport and the ferry across from Mafia it really is the end of the road but for those extra minutes it is really worth it!

chole island

It is a peaceful natural haven to wander at leisure and the perfect base from which to explore The Marine National Park above or below the warm, stunning aquamarine waters.

study nature, love nature

One of the last unspoilt locations for diving on the planet. For Scuba Diving Holidays & Dive information we recommend www.divemafia.ch

“We had an amazing holiday.  A great experience and a great guide. Zidi was amazing. Highly Recommended!”

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Amazing Experiences

Island Residents

The most famous residents are the large fruit bats (or flying foxes) that roost on Chole Island. At dawn and dusk they commute between Mafia & Chole proving that the fruit is always riper on the other side of the Island !

Local Life

 The Islanders themselves are friendly and welcoming. The main work on the Island is in traditional boat building, fishing,  farming and tourism.

The Climate

The Climate is tropically perfect, always warm with cooling sea breezes but a wet season between March and the end of May where we do not recommend visiting.

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