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All guests to The Utende area and Chole Island are entering The Marine National Park and need to pay the entry fee of $23.60 per adult per night ( and $11.80 for Children aged 5 to 15.) on arrival at the entrance to the Marine Park on the main road. Payment in Cash or by Credit card.

Chole Island is located in the heart of The Marine National Park with the best diving and snorkelling being in the 50sq km of Chole Bay. It varies in depth from 1-28 meters and hosts a great variety of coral, fish and other marine life.

Large net fishing is banned within the Marine Park and thanks to Tanzanias recent ban on plastic bags the future looks positive for the underwater world.


More Information

Global Warming

However global warming is a real threat to all Corals, yet Chole Bay has such a tidal influence with the water continuously on the move through the Kinasi pass that it escaped most of the bleaching during the El Nino period of 97 /98 that destroyed a lot of The Indian Oceans corals.

The Climate

The Climate is tropically perfect, always warm with cooling sea breezes but a wet season between March and the end of May where we do not recommend visiting. However from June through until the end of February it is Paradise.

Global Reputation

Mafia Island  and Chole bay especially  is gaining a Global reputation amongst the scuba diving community as one of the top sites in the Indian Ocean. Whether scuba diving or snorkelling it is like immersing yourself in a giant, warm aquarium.


Please look, photograph and enjoy but don’t touch or take home !

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me.